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Last year the big box stores charged $5+ per plant start. Outrageous! When you buy from Deep South Flower farm, you'll pay no sales tax due to Alabama's farmers market agricultural laws.


Buying a full flat of 32 plants means you get them for $2 ea!


  • Individual 3" extra deep pots will have tags with a QR code to bring you back to my site to learn more about it. 
  • After you complete your purchase, I'll email you a link to a form where you will make your personal selections from what is available at the time.
  • You'll choose 32 plant starts from all the varieties I offer. Mix and match the way YOU want. I'll gather your selctions and deliver your tray ready to get to plantin'!



"Into the garden I go- to lose my mind and find my soul."

Choose Your Own Garden To Go PRE-ORDER

  • Gardens To Go will be available beginning mid-April. I'll email you pick up and delivery instructions then.

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