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So you like it HOT HOT HOT ?


Buying a full flat of 32 plants means you get them for $2 ea!


 Colorful, sweet, spicy, and downright hot, this collection of pepper plants is sure to delight the senses! I spent hours pouring over my seed catalogs to pick varieties for this specially curated collection just for you. Many of these I've grown- and you probably have, too- because they are the tried-and-true names we know to be proven producers.

  • In this standard nursery flat you'll get to choose from the varieties all the ones I'm growing totalling 32 pepper plants in 3" extra deep pots. Welcome some old favorites this summer and be introduced to some new ones!
  • Individual pots will have tags with a QR code to bring you back to my site to learn more about it. Makes a great gift for Mother's Day or for the gardener in your life. 


Your Pepper Garden To Go will have selections from the following varieties:



California Wonder Bell

King Arthur Bell

Numex Joe Parker

Yellow Como Di Tomo (Cowhorn)

Giant Marconi

Sweet Banana




Mild Jalapeno





Orange Cayenne

Purple Cayenne

Red Cayenne Long Slim

Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno




"I am grateful for you because you don't roll your your eyes when I talk about gardening."    -unknown

Pepper Garden To Go PRE-ORDER

  • Gardens To Go will be available beginning mid-April. I'll email you pick up and delivery instructions then.

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