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GIANT CRIMSON        slicer​

EXTREMELY RARE! Plants produce decent amounts of tomatoes with a pink/red hue when fully ripe, weighing around 8-10 ounces, sometimes close to a pound. The fruit is a bit of beefsteak with meatiness but also the juiciness of a slicer. Seeds are medium size but few.

From - If you haven’t heard of this tomato, don’t feel bad. Most haven’t for over 45 years. It was extinct until we sprouted seeds that came from 85-year-old packets. Two germinated, and 1 survived; we produced cuttings, saved seeds, and continued the process. It isn’t about the money as much as the story behind this variety, the journey it took to get here, and the mission to preserve genetic diversity in seeds!

Check out his Youtube videos about this variety's story.

Tomato-Giant Crimson

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